An evening of four one -act plays

In the Bag ~

Maureen and Mary are volunteers in a charity shop and every day is much like the one before. But today, when they’re going through new donations, they find some money. A lot of money. Just as they’re deciding what to do with it, two new volunteers arrive. What to do? 

A Sobering Fete ~

Three mums run stalls at a PTA fair. Julie is determined to make money for the school, whatever it takes, Cam is devoutly health-conscious and Lily is flogging a pyramid scheme.

Anger Management ~

A group anger management session takes a turn for the worse when the facilitator suggests the participants re-enact the things that got them sent there in the first place.

Just Desserts ~

Simon and Caroline’s plans to renovate and resell an old house are thwarted by elderly sitting tenant, Dorothy. Assuming that the old lady will soon pass away they proceed, only to find that Dorothy is far from death’s door. The only solution seems to be to hasten her death by nefarious means, but Dorothy is up to the challenge.

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Friday 12th
July 2024

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July 2024

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